Who is getting snow!?
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 Im looking for a good game on linux
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 Looking for a new game.
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 Tera? What's it all about?
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 So I'm looking for a fun MMO to play... got any ideas
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 [Daily Quest] Take it for a Spin ?
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 Favorite Burger Franchise
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 Vanilla or Chocolate?
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 Any opinions on new Warframe Fortuna update?
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 ┬┐Favorite Foods?
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 Have you ever visited where I'm from?
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 Whats everyone opinion on game localization by fan translation?
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 World Series 2018 discussion
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 Best part of your hometown?
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 USA: Which state is best to live in and why?
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 Hey im looking for a platformer
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 Whats the last show you watched?
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 What happened to [Weekly Quest] topics?
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 Best pizza place
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 McDonald's or Burger King? and whats your usual order?
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 Best pizza style?
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 Sonic our Mario?
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 What is your home state known for?
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 Favourite Sport?
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