Everything you need to know about Dell Advantage Reward Dollars.



How can I earn them?

Alienware Arena members, currently residing in the United States, have multiple ways they can acquire Dell Advantage Reward Dollars (DA$).  First, is by leveling up their account and claiming them in the Rewards Section each time they reach a new tier.  There are five DA$ you can claim, up to $150.  
The second way is by winning them in Quests.  Occasionally, certain quests will give out DA$ as well.  These are randomly given out and will be listed if they are currently available in the quests.  


How much can I earn?

There is no cap to the amount you can earn, and yes, the rewards are stackable. 


Do I have to have a Dell Advantage account to use them? 

Yes. You can not win any DA$ until you have opted into the program. Currently, we can only process rewards with the email that's on file with Alienware Arena. If you already have a Dell Advantage account, you will need to use the same email on Alienware Arena for the rewards to apply to that account.  Otherwise, a new account, using your Alienware Arena email address, will be created for you.  Your account creation may take up to 10 days. We hope to improve this process soon so you can connect any DA account to your AWA account. 


What can I use DA$ on?

Anything on Dell.com from Laptops to keyboards.  Anything you can purchase on Dell.com can be purchased with DA$.


How long does it take for the DA$ to show up in my account?

Currently, the process is slow.  It can take up to 30 days for the DA$ to appear in your DA account.  We are working on a system to notify users when it is applied and hope to have the time scale reduced significantly in the future.  


How long do I have to use my DA$?

This is an important one.  You have 90 days AFTER the DA$ has been applied to your DA account.  To repeat, the 90 days starts after you have received the DA$, not when you claim it.  After 90 days, the DA$ expires and is no longer valid.  


What other perks do I get with Dell Advantage?

Dell Advantage Loyalty Rewards is Dell's free Loyalty Program for US consumers.  When you join Dell Advantage Rewards and purchase items as a member, you'll enjoy free expedited delivery on eligible purchases, and DA Rewards worth up to 3% of your paid purchase (excludes taxes and shipping), plus up to an additional 3% back on purchases financed with a Dell Preferred Account, which is redeemable toward future purchases.  



For more information regarding Dell Advantage, please visit the Dell Advantage FAQ.