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 Fallout 76 features a very flexible Perks system and numerous character creation options
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 Resident Evil 2 will get a £700 Premium Edition !
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 Doom Eternal has a PvP mode on top of the single-player invasion mechanic
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 Tears in Devil May Cry 5 will look better than those IRL
Replies: 26 Views: 1046 Last Post:  by KaraKartal__
 Monster Hunter World unofficial patch fixes alt-tabbing crashes, adds HDR support
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 World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth player reaches level 120 in under 5 hours !
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 Cyberpunk 2077: Technology Will Enable You To Get Power
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 Fallout 76 will NOT launch on Steam !
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 Unveiled NVIDIA’s eighth-generation GPU architecture, Turing
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 Intel's 9th generation chips allegedly come out in October
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 Fallout 4 Miami Mod Details
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 Steam’s new Discord-style chat UI is now live for all
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 Protoball Kickstarter Now Live!
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 Hellblade VR Edition Announced for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, Free with Steam Version
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 ESL Cologne 2018: Natus Vincere Walk Away with the Trophy, and a Thank-You to Alienware Fans
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 Here’s how Monster Hunter World PS4 Pro stacks up to the PC version
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 For Honor Season 7 Storm and Fury release date announced
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 Steam Top Sellers, 21-27 July, 2018
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 Age of Discovery and Interviews from STLV!
Replies: 11 Views: 891 Last Post:  by smoli88
 AMD is crushing with its second generation of Threadripper processors
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 Fallout 4 Northern Springs Is A Big Fan-Made Free DLC Available Now
Replies: 29 Views: 1525 Last Post:  by Raiden501
 Let It Die, a previously PS4 exclusive is coming to PC!
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 Insurgency for free on Steam
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 Famous stache wants to play Geralt in The Witcher Netflix series
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 Monster Hunter World breaks its own Steam record, sales estimated at over 2 million
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