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 [FREE GAME]{Restocked} Lethal League @Fanatical
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 by bionico78
 SK Gaming joins a partnership with the German first-team FC Köln
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 by wx-395
 War Thunder and the Dagor Engine 5.0
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 by s7e0e1
 New trailer for Attack of the Titan 2 demonstrated how to dismember titans
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 by s7e0e1
 Dwarves this month start a war against the aliens in the game Deep Rock Galactic
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 by s7e0e1
 Pre-purchase Battle for Azeroth™
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 by s7e0e1
 Stardew Valley multiplayer in development
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 by ivan-bludnik
 Announced Farming Simulator 19
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 by s7e0e1
 Warhammer: Vermintide 2 got release date
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 by s7e0e1
 FeArea is set to release in Q1 of 2018
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 by Trebushet
 10 Crowns is a new strategy game from Civilization 4 creators
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 by Openworld
 Rainbow Six: Siege In the News
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 by Janessi
 Fallout 4 is free to try from the next month
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 by InfernoCat
 Assassin's Creed: Origins DLC Trailer Promises A Closer Look At The Early Brotherhood
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 by Gratonic
 SCUM In the News
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 by madowobizi
 Ubisoft Makes A Lot Of Money From Microtransactions, And It Wants More
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 by barasawa
 A popular gaming mascot could return in 2018
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 by Street777
 The Forest is set to leave Early Access in April with big performance improvements
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 by mojozip
 Rust came out of Early Access and immediately got beautified
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 by Yourowner
 Fortnite gets significant updates, including 'The floor is lava' game mode
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 by kelzzo
 Activision Blizzard has earned more than 4 billion dollars from sales of microtransactions in 2017
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 by Yourowner
 Friday the 13th Game’s Kickstarter Backer-Exclusive Content Codes Stolen and Sold on eBay
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 by Yourowner
 League of Legends: So about the new champion Zoe
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 by cjp96
 Eastshade In the News
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 by radiant786
 GoG Connect - Current game list
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 by sheepblack69