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 Hawaii State introduced draft bill of law that forbids sale of loot boxes for people under 21
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 by jonsi_miass
 Player in Call of Duty: WWII reached the maximum level without firing a bullet
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 by klejdi67
 Halo 6's Development Won't Be Impacted By Ongoing Support For Older Titles
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 by igrozzzn
 Creators of Mafia 3 got fired
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 by BBcode
 Nintendo announces a Super Mario movie!
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 Overwatch is again free to try
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 by z4r0ff
 Snoop Dogg is smoking a blunt on Twitch, won’t be banned thanks to California’s pot laws
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 by Dopefish2k
 Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition's System Requirements + 4K PC Gameplay
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 by Mapel15
 The Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition Mod Completely Overhauls Combat and Alchemy
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 by Mapel15
 The Evil Within 2 can now be played from the first person
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 by Mapel15
 Beginning of our Battlefield Incursions Series
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 by Mapel15
 Sonic Generations revisited: better than Forces, runs beautifully on PC
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 by Quantemal
 Five Great Reasons To Play Battlefield 1 Apocalypse On February 20.
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 by mityorka1
 Battlefront 2 adds limited-time jetpacks and rocket launchers mode in new patch
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 by HeroicHero
 Star Wars Battlefront 2's Update 1.2 Is Out Now On PS4, Xbox One, And PC--Here's What It Adds
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 op New Game Releases This Week On Switch, PS4, Xbox One, And PC -- February 18-24
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 by Nerdnando
 The Trine trilogy is super cheap in the Frozenbyte Steam sale
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 by Mapel15
 Operation Chimera hits Rainbow Six Siege test servers today.
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 by Mapel15
 Lucasfilm Rumored to Ditch EA for a New Game Publisher
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 by Mapel15
 PUBG’s average player count declined for the first time this month
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 by Mapel15
 Biomutant showed its skillful martial moves
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 by Budaramma
 SoulCalibur 6 Trailer Reveals Groh and Return of Kilik, Nightmare, and Xianghua
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 by miguelaco
 Dragon Age 4 In the News
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 New adventure takes Sims deep into the jungle
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 by pvtBomba