Lecksea's Top 5 Picks from Recent Game Announcements

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What a crazy month it has been for game announcements, trailers, updates, showcases, and more! 2023 might have been an incredible year for games, but it looks like developers aren't slowing down anytime soon when it comes to releasing fantastic games. If you haven't gotten a chance to check out Morzey's Top 5 picks, you can read that here! Now, let's take a look at the Top 5 games I'm most excited to play and learn more about!




As an unironic enjoyer of Pacific Rim (movies and anime), I am admittedly a sucker for anything with mechs. That’s what drew me to Mecha BREAK during this year's Xbox Showcase. Mecha BREAK is a multiplayer mech game that lets players choose from different builds suited for an assortment of purposes. The trailer for the game was only cinematics, but that makes sense considering it’s slated for 2025. While it may not have real gameplay, the mech sound effects are already satisfying and suit animations feel as if they are right within the sweet spot between exciting and over-the-top. My only note from the trailer was that the predominantly brown, sandy arena left something to be desired visually, however, the arena in the previous closed beta trailer bridges that gap as it is set in more of a “city” looking map. The closed test period was earlier this year In April and it seems like signups for the list have been paused -presumably so developers can work on incorporating fixes for the bug reports and notes gathered from the community during this first trial period. Keep your eyes peeled for further play opportunities, I know I will!



Among the Wild

While I am a big fan of mechs and robots, I’m also not immune to the allure of adorable creatures. Among the Wild’s reveal trailer at the PC Gaming Show 2024 captures my attention with its cheerful trailer soundtrack and cute yet scrungly, if you will, creatures. If the stout little fella carrying a fish over its head with the giant mouth wasn’t enough, the first-person view of carrying these creatures certainly sealed the deal for me. The graphics look detailed, yet not overwhelming, and the lack of voice lines gives the subtle chirps and squeaks time to shine as they add to the quaint cottage-core-like aesthetic. This farming game doesn’t seem to incorporate as much violence (if any) as a certain crafting/collecting creature game that got a lot of attention this last year. Instead, it looks to be veering more in the direction of wholesome. If you’d like to get an early taste of the game, you can sign up for its closed alpha here.



South Of Midnight

This extended look at South of Midnight was a trailer that made me sit up to pay full attention. The voice acting is superb, the art style is stunning, and the “limited motion” animation style sets it apart from the crowd. The concept integrates folklore into the Southern Gothic world based on the Louisiana Bayou, a destination that I feel hasn’t gotten enough attention in the video game world.  A little bit of magic makes traversal look like a blast as Hazel moves through the map with an assortment of jumps and glides, and fighting looks dynamic as she fights a smaller enemy that transforms the map upon its entrance and defeat. There wasn’t much combat to the “boss fight” at the end of the trailer, but for a game coming out in 2025, that might be a lot to expect at the moment. I especially loved the camaraderie between Hzel and the catfish, it adds an extra layer to the gameplay when some of the monsters are friendly and it’s not just player vs enemies. Here’s hoping he sticks around for more of the game, as I’m already a big fan of him!



ERIKSHOLM: The Stolen Dream

While we are on the topic of good stories, ERIKSHOLM: The Stolen Dream also stood out amongst the crowd of incredible games coming soon. It’s a stealth puzzle game with a top-down 3D perspective set in Eriksholm, a fictional city inspired by a Nordic aesthetic of the early 1900s. The story follows three protagonists, one of them being Hanna, an orphan who sets out to find her brother Herman before the police do. Developers have stated that players will have the option to move the camera around the map to inspect their surroundings and access their next move. As someone who has a bit of trouble keeping track of their whereabouts while gaming, that’s something I love being able to utilize. The modeling and facial animation looks top-notch, so much so that I got a hint of uncanny valley while watching, but I think that adds to the athletic rather than detracting. ERIKSHOLM: The Stolen Dream is set to release sometime in 2025; I can’t wait to meet the other characters and see where their stories intertwine with Hanna’s. 



The First Descendant

I’m always going to root for new free-to-play games to be successful. They increase the odds that my friend will give them a shot and make it more likely that any shortcomings on launch will be fixed and forgiven more easily. Not only was the trailer for this multiplayer looter shooter captivating cinematically, but it also did a stellar job introducing each Decendant and their abilities alone and within combat with each other. The First Decendant can be played solo, or with up to 4 people. It promises a story that will be uncovered through missions within the game and World Missions where you’ll need to get by with a little help from your friends. Descendants have unique weapons (like that cool lasso) and backstories that are presumably incorporated into the game. There’s even a cool feature on the game’s website that goes into the lore of the game and much more! Check it out here to dive into it before the game is released soon on July 2nd!


Whew, what a wild ride it has been! These all look like incredible games that have a little bit of everything for every taste and mood. Let's give a hand to the hard-working people who have made these games and trailers a reality a hand! Without them, we wouldn't have all of these exciting new announcements to be able to feature. Which game are you most looking forward to?!

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I played a previous beta of The First Descendant and the game is amazing. Looking forward to playing it again when it releases and I have free time.


Eriksholm looks pretty good, but I'm not historically very good at stealth games. I start off doing fine, but then I get impatient and go in guns ablaze, lol. The First Descendant looks pretty amazing, too. I might actually play it since it's FTP, but I'll probably watch some videos first as drive space is currently at a premium in my laptop. I love mechs, as well, but not a fan of the PvP arena shooters so I will probably miss Mecha Break. I have so many hours in farming-base building games that I don't want to say, but I still haven't "finished" any of them. I might play Among the Wild eventually, but I want to at least get farther in Stardew Valley, Core Keeper, and Necesse first.

Thanks for the article, I haven't seen three of these and will be watching out for them.

The Pilot

I love mechs and I play pvp like Titanfall 2, I hope it will be fun and with satisfying gameplay, I can give Mecha BREAK a chance...

thanks for this info Lecksea



I, too, am a fan of Louisiana lore and love when this is incorporated in games, as it lends well to the fantasy realm. The Gabriel Knight series (particularly Sins of the Father) is part of what lured me into gaming as a serious hobby back in the day. Thanks for your list, there are several titles that caught my interest...