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 Valentine's Day brings the Vapid Hustler to GTA Online
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 by Mapel15
 Bless Mobile – First look at Unreal Engine 4 mobile MMORPG
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 by Street777
 Insel games removed from steam
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 by Mapel15
 Try the demo for military RPG Long Gone Days
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 by Mapel15
 'Mega Man Legacy Collection' is headed to Nintendo Switch May 22
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 by Street777
 The No Man's Sky ARG might be teasing the 1.5 update, skipping 1.4
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 by Street777
 Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 reached one million copies sold
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 by Mapel15
 Metro Exodus is bringing some changes to its post-apocalyptic world
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 by Mapel15
 Rainbow Six: Siege In the News
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 by Mapel15
 PES 2018 received new content with Data Pack 3
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 by Mapel15
 The Bard’s Tale IV In the News
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 by Mapel15
 Dota 2 is moving to a bi-weekly update schedule
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 by Mapel15
 For Honor finally gets dedicated servers
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 by Mapel15
 The cult horror Dead Space is shared for free on PC
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 by Mapel15
 Hellblade and DmC devs are hiring for a new action game
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 by Mapel15
 New trailer for Past Cure will give you a closer look at the dark story
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 by Mapel15
 The Red Solstice is again free to download
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 by Mapel15
 Spy simulation Orwell: Ignorance is Strength got release date
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 by Mapel15
 Onrush, a racer by former Motorstorm and Driveclub devs, will come to PC
12 77
 by Mapel15
 EA blames Star Wars Battlefront 2 lower sales on loot box controversy – MTX to return
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 by Mapel15
 Sea of Thieves – Closed Beta Impressions (+ 30 Minutes PC Gameplay Footage)
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 by Mapel15
 Watch first 15 minutes of gameplay from Ni No Kuni 2
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 by Games7
 Celebrate Chinese New Year with excellent discounts on Steam
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 by ManoBros
 New Fortnite Update Out Now On PS4, PC, Xbox One; Here Are The Patch Notes
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 by YoshioGP
 First Devil May Cry Will Be Free If You Have Twitch Prime Starting Next Week
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 by Budaramma