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 Nintendo server maintenance will disrupt Minecraft, eShop this week
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 by Wacko25
 Publisher of LawBreakers written off the game, and the guilt of poor sales moved to PUBG
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 by M3ntaL15t
 New Free Xbox One Games With Gold Available Now Grab two more games for free right now.
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 by Ivan_Dro
 First Devil May Cry Will Be Free If You Have Twitch Prime Starting Next Week
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 by sinerivali
 Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak Event Will Be Free To All
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 by wx-395
 Hellbound in the News
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 by patmou
 Holiday Card Contest Winners
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 by Trebushet
 Silent Hills P.T Remade for PC by Fans
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 by Quantemal
 Wadjet Eye Goes Urban Fantasy With Unavowed
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 by Megatenau
 Valve has from Steam removed a publisher who has faked reviews
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 by avatar1618
 GGG Announces Path of Exile: Bestiary League
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 by KrAzY3
 Microsoft acquires Playfab Cloud Platform
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 by fra4
 Zombie Watch
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 by Mapel15
 Colossal Win for Sony (UK Charts)
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 by Mapel15
 In China there was mobile version of PUBG
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 by Mapel15
 Sale in February
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 by Mapel15
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 by Mapel15
 A new multimillion transfer took place in the world of eSports
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 by Mapel15
 Valentine's Day brings the Vapid Hustler to GTA Online
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 by Mapel15
 Bless Mobile – First look at Unreal Engine 4 mobile MMORPG
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 by Street777
 Insel games removed from steam
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 by Mapel15
 Try the demo for military RPG Long Gone Days
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 by Mapel15
 'Mega Man Legacy Collection' is headed to Nintendo Switch May 22
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 by Street777
 The No Man's Sky ARG might be teasing the 1.5 update, skipping 1.4
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 by Street777
 Rainbow Six: Siege In the News
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 by Mapel15