Ubisoft’s upcoming horror game Transference gets September release date
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 The studio behind Until Dawn registers trademark for new game, Shattered State
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 Hitman 2 is bringing back all Season 1 locations, and they’re free to owners of the original
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 US judge rules against GTA 5 cheating programs
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 Casting scripts for Netflix’s The Witcher series have leaked
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 Here’s what Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Grim Sky operators can do
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 20 minutes of Guacamelee 2 gameplay with dev commentary
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 Intel Teases First Look at Arctic Sound Dedicated Graphics Card
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 Rainbow Six Siege Will Get Massive Map Redisignes
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 UK Charts: Crash Bandicoot is No.1 again, as World of Warcraft makes No.3
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 Shadow of the Tomb Raider trailer reseals its enemies
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 Rainbow Six Siege Ranked Mode is Leaving Beta
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 Anthem may not support text chat on PC
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 Is THIS the end of gaming as we know it?
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 God of War dev reveals concept art for the game’s initial Egyptian setting
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 Here is a New Trailer for Battlefield V
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 Red Dead Redemption 2 Will Feature The Largest Map Ever
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 U.S. judge blocks sale of GTA Online cheat programs
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 Blizzard confirmed not one but a few new Diablo games (we have no idea how many)
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 Now with a hamster: Overwatch will have a free weekend.
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 Fortnite Samsung Galaxy Exclusive Beta Event Begins
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 Twitch Will Add Specific Streaming Categories, from Tabletop RPGs to ASMR
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 Steam Numbers Show MHW's Massive Success - It's Steam's Biggest Game So Far in 2018
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 SA_DirectX 2.0 Mod makes Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas look as a modern video game (Updated)
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 Rainbow Six Siege Operation Grim Sky fully revealed at Paris Major
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