Paladins announces battle royale game mode named 'Battlegrounds'
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 Developer of Eve Online is working on a new MMORPG
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 Steam reveals 2017's biggest earners, including The Witcher 3, H1Z1 and PUBG
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 Hellbound in the News
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 Publisher of LawBreakers written off the game, and the guilt of poor sales moved to PUBG
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 Get our favorite gaming chair for just $319 today
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 Unravel Lovecraftian Mysteries in Colina: Legacy
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 Destiny 2 Is Free To Keep On PC--But Hurry
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 Black Friday Xbox One S and Xbox One X deals: what to expect this year
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 Red Dead Redemption 2 update: BAD NEWS for fans of Rockstar sequel
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 Microsoft acquires two veteran gaming studios in ongoing Xbox exclusive push
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 Sword Art: Lost Song to Steam out now!
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 Anthem: BioWare is looking into offering separate performance and visual modes on PS4 Pro, Xbox One X
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 $20,000 Bounty Awarded To Researcher For Finding Steam CD Key Bug
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 Minecraft: Story Mode Delayed On Netflix, Now "Coming Soon"
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 Black Ops 4 QA Tester Speaks Out Against Poor Conditions After Being Fired
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 Sunset Overdrive for PC's Amazon listing has a release date, and it's very soon
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 Marvel Comics Chief Stan Lee Passes Away At 95
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 Vermintide 2’s next DLC remasters Horn of Magus from the original
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 Domino’s is making fun of the Diablo Immortal reveal to sell pizza
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 Valve working on a new VR headset, Half-Life VR prequel – report
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 Age of Empires 4: everything we know
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 The most interesting new games - 01/2018
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 Spooky RPG HellSign is now haunting Steam early access
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 Fallout 76 has a 51GB day one patch
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