The Sheriff

Goodbye Refer-a-Friend

We will be retiring the refer-a-friend feature as of today. It ran its course and that's all I'll say on that matter. Any unearned OR unclaimed ARP will not be available from the feature.
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05.08.2024 17:34:25 - nimeni32 -
Thank you!
05.08.2024 18:20:23 - Aradiel. -
More no longer obtainable achievements. Any chance of an overhaul on achievements? Some existing ones could be easily modified to editing your avatar, or equipping 100 avatar cosmetics.
05.08.2024 21:12:57 - Stygiansilence -
Not a fan of the lack of forewarning. I think it would benefit the community to give advance notice on this kind of stuff
05.09.2024 00:42:57 - AshesOfThePast -
bruv i had unclaimed ARP that i kept as reserve :( Y'all should've given a notice before removing it.
05.09.2024 01:30:18 - Aradiel. -
@AshesOfThePast Were you hoping for bonus ARP? I'm not sure what purpose keeping it in reserve serves.
05.09.2024 04:12:06 - AshesOfThePast -
@Aradiel. Keep and forget until needed type of thing. And there was already bonus with my 25% All ARP Increase :'(, RIP ARP.
05.09.2024 04:15:53 - Aradiel. -
@AshesOfThePast Fair enough. I was thinking more like double ARP week, or hoping boosters came back.
05.09.2024 14:31:16 - VenturousGamer -
That's surprising because I never utilized it enough.
05.10.2024 06:49:11 - Rubee3n -
When will the pn95 artifact return?
05.13.2024 22:54:07 - beko2024 -
Alienware Good beatiful