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Member Rewards Merchandise Questions

Shipping Information

Below are list of expected ship dates for redeemed items within your Member Rewards


Enthusiast Level

•             Alienware Sticker pack: April 16th   

•             Alienware Arena Banner: April 16th 

•             Alienware Lanyard: April 20                                                                      

Veteran Level 

•             Alienware Wrisbands: April 20th

•             Alienware Socks: May 1st

•             Alienware Keychain: April 16th                             

 Hardcore Level

•             Alienware Enamel Pin: April 16th

•             Alienware Beanie: May 1st

•             Alienware Hat: May 1st                                                                                                      

Elite Level         

•             Alienware Mouse Pad: April 16th

•             Alienware Shirt:  May 1st

•             Alienware Game Jersey:  May 1st     


You will receive a confirmation of shipment with tracking information when your reward is ready to be shipped. Although most products will arrive within a week of choosing the Apparel or Merch rewards could take up to 4 to 6 weeks to be received.


Questions on your shipment or order

For questions about your redeemed merchandise or apparel reward, please include your name and postal code of the shipping address.

By Email


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