Support ships vs stealth ships

Support ships vs stealth ships

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So, id like to know what you guys think is better. I dont see too much from any of these. Since venturer is basic ships, i tried it and got some pretty good results (already in top 5% with it in 8 games or so).

I also saw some mass murderers in long range ships. But the best thing I saw was one really skilled Ghost piloted. Literally appearing only for a few seconds behind our lines, butchering another ship from behind (usually picked a lightly damaged, not 100% and also not 15%) and disappeared again. Also very good pilot - i was usually able to find him with my fire, but couldnt finish him, since he changed course and altitude often and clever.

So...since im doing well in supports, i should probably continue with them - yet stealth ships looks to me as best choice, if you can handle them.


Anyone got both and can give some opinion?

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All ships are pretty good. What I'd say is just pick one you like the look of and get good using it :P best of both worlds.


Personally I like the Black Widow, since I have a thing for missiles and stealth in this game.


Well, just tried ghost. Not as good result as i got usually with venturer, but hell of a lot fun. Btw on looks ofc Destroyer wins.... :)

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