Alpha Update 18 hits today

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Difficulty: Hard
Length: 806m
Crew: 4,856
Base Hull Strength: 9,000
Initial Max Speed: 550

The Executioner is a flexible craft that revolves around its high-yield Gauss Cannon and mobility solutions despite is native slow engine speed and attack frequency. The craft fits the close-quarter hit-and-run archetype with its versatile and extendable mobility options which can be used in tandem with each other: the Overdrive diverts power from the main cannons to its engines for superior manoeuvrability and its Chrono Blink ability that allows it to return to its position a few seconds in the past. With these systems in play, the Executioner can start off in a rear-guard position before rapidly moving to the vanguard with its weapons charged before retreating, ready for another attack.

Gauss Cannon
Max Range: 12,000m (1.2s x 10,000m/s)
Optimal Range: 7,500m
Volley: 2
Base Damage: 720 + 100 AoE
Base Charge Time: 7.4s

A predecessor of the Interceptor’s Gauss Driver, the Gauss Cannon delivers a nuclear warhead at extreme velocity to deal high impact damage to a single threat, with minor collateral damage affecting those within the blast radius. The Cannons automatically charge but require pilot input to fire. While powerful, the cannons have a considerable cooldown and low tracking speed which makes mobile craft harder to target.

Chrono Blink
Max Range: Sector Wide
Time Stamp: 40s
Base Cooldown: 35s

Chrono Blink allows the pilot to return to a previous position and orientation up to forty seconds in the past. Used tactically, this ability affords the pilot to disorientate a target or press on an objective, whilst strategic use sees the Executioner able to fall back to survive or support the rear line. Time is reset any time the Executioner jumps or blinks.

Duration: 60s
Energy Cost: 500 on activation + 250p/s
Base Cooldown: 60s

A toggle ability that increases the manoeuvrability and speed of the Executioner by diverting most of its power from its primary armament. While in Overdrive the Rate of Fire of the Gauss Cannon is increased but the impact of each shot is drastically reduced, lowering its potential damage output.

Executioner Missiles
Range: 15,000 (3s x 5,000m)
Volley: 12
Base Damage: 35ppd
Base Cooldown: 15s

Built around low-yield high-frequency use, the Executioner Missiles is a harassment weapon system that is designed to apply pressure to a target as the pilot moves closer to initiate their Gauss Cannon strike.

Stasis Field Buoy
Max Range: 12,000m (2.4s x 5,000m/s)
Area of Effect Radius: 3,000m
Triggered Duration: 30s
Base Cooldown: 90s

When deployed, the Stasis Field travels in the indicated direction for 2.4s or until it contacts something. It then generates a field that gradually slows all enemies within sphere of influence to a complete stop for a set duration, or until the buoy is destroyed.

– Obulon Cascade
– Glacial Array
– Umber Expanse
– Pillars of Erebus

– Lights on stations will now change to represent who has control and the Capture Sphere has been adjusted to be more visible whilst capturing. New Capture Complete sounds have also been introduced.

– Initial mines in Alpha and Beta are now assigned to their respective teams. Resources have been removed from Home Bases.

– We have added a new means for completing the current selection of crew. Crew will now be made purchasable with DNA. Please be aware this not intended to be the way you acquire your crew normally, this is for completing your set. Convert your Credits into DNA and complete your Crew today.

– Represent your country and adorn your favourite ships in your native Flag colors. If your country is not yet included, why not fly the Jolly Roger skins? These skins will only be available for a limited amount of time.

– At the end of a match you are now given an option to add your comrades or your opponents to your Steam Friends List to continue the fight.

– At the end of matches you will now be able to upvote or downvote specific players within that match. This will help us identify those who are acting in an undesirable manner whilst also rewarding those who act in an honorable way during their time in Fractured Space.

– Blinks now have a normalised Blink to Target Distance of 1,500m which, working in tandem with new code, will resolve blink failure issues.

Black Widow
– Added a Smart Rockets variant for the Black Widow.
– Added Plasma, Slow, Concussion and Hangfire Missiles to the Black Widow

– Ranger’s Light Longbow Cannon replaced with Longbow Tri-Cannon, a weapon system that fires a burst of three rounds.

– Ranger’s Heavy Longbow Cannon replaced with Longbow Cluster, a weapon system that fires eight rounds in a scattershot fashion.

– Reaper Flamer and Reaper Sequential added.
– Reaper Scourge Beam added.
– Reaper Omni Shield added.

– Venturer’s Light Mining Laser changed to Plasma Cutter, a variant that has a portion of its attack coming from damage over time.

– Colossus’ Condor Missiles renamed to Colossus Missiles.

– Disruptor’s Repair Drones are named correctly when launched.

– Hunter’s Syphon Drones are named correctly when launched.

– Infiltrator’s Mass Slug Thrower has a corrected DPS of 184.

– Fixed the missing Detect Buoy sphere for the Pioneer

– Protector’s Syphon Drones are named correctly when launched.

– Overseer’s reverse boost effect now lasts an appropriate length of time.

– Ranger Tri-cannon and Cluster are temporarily locked out due to a late developing bug, these will be restored in the next patch.

–  Capturing the third mine while CODA’s voiceover is playing in the Proving Grounds may prevent the enemy Destroyer from spawning. If this happens you will be unable to complete the Proving Grounds. To prevent this, wait until all voiceover is complete before capturing the third mine. This will be fixed in the next patch.

– The Reaper Scourge Beam is temporarily disabled while an issue is resolved. It will be restored in the next patch

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