Old School RuneScape's 11th Birthday Party!

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Haaappy Biiirthdaaay to you! February 22nd is the 11th year of Old School RuneScape and the team has fun festivities planned to help celebrate! According to a Twitter (X) post, there are events planned both in-game and during the live stream celebration including a JMod quiz, an in-game fashion show, giveaways, and a hint at even more surprises that will be revealed during the stream! Be sure to tune into the Stream at 16:00 GMT on their Twitch channel - twitch.tv/oldschoolrsHere’s a quick recap of everything happening!


Birthday Decorations Refresh and Rewards

If you’d like to celebrate in-game, the developers have updated decorations and "kitted out" the Falador Party Room to unlock all previous Birthday Event rewards. If having Gnome Plush for your character and a giant cake to carry around sounds like the way you like to party, you’ll have until March 13th to get them. 

Fashion Show

To attend the fashion show on February 22nd, the developers have directed you World 499. You’ll then want to pop down to the museum below the Falador Party Room. Players will start congregating at 16:30 GMT, and aim to hit the catwalk from 16:45.


If you’d like to participate in the Quiz section of the Stream, you can take this quiz, and the JMods will be guessing the most popular answers!

Giveaways (Presents!)

The Old School RuneScape team has reversed the roles, and this year you’ll be the ones getting presents! “We’ll be giving away a total of nine prizes throughout the livestream, including three copies of the Original Soundtracks Classics double deluxe vinyl, three copies of the core set of our RuneScape Kingdoms board game made in collaboration with Steamforged, and three copies of the RuneScape TTRPG – two standard and one deluxe edition.”

You will want to join the Official OSRS Discord and head to #giveaways to be able to participate! You can enter by reacting to each giveaway post as they go live, and the winners will be announced by the giveaway bot in Discord live during the stream. 


What a fun opportunity for fans of Old School RuneScape to all come together and celebrate the game that has been entertaining and bringing joy to everyone for 11 years!

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