Games Releasing in February Pt.2

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Welcome back to part two of this incredibly exciting February! If you missed the first part to this list, hop on over to the first article to catch yourself up! 


Mario vs. Donkey Kong (Switch) - February 16

In this remake of the very popular Game Boy™ Advance game you’ll traverse the world to rescue Mini-Mario toys that have been stolen by Donkey Kong. This puzzle-style twist on the classic platformer has been updated to add co-op play, eight worlds, updated music and visuals, and other new ways to play. At the end of each level you’ll be expected to arcade-style battle it out with the big guy himself- Donkey Kong! The game has been marketed as a bit of a challenge, so it looks like all ages will have a blast solving the puzzles within this colorful Nintendo world. 

The Thaumaturge (PC) - February 20

Thaumaturge is described by Oxford’s Dictionary as “a worker of wonders and performer of miracles; a magician.” I had to look that up, so here it is so you don't have to. This story-driven RPG takes place in 20th century Warsaw. In the game’s world, spirits called Salutors exist among people. These beings are each unique and only the Thaumaturge can see them. The esthetic looks dark and gritty, filled with cool demons and beasts that are pulled from Polish and Russian folklore. As the main character, Wiktor Szulski, you’ll uncover truths and help others fight their demons, as well as face your own.

Last Epoch (PC) - February 21

Do you love customization and skill trees as far as the eyes can see? This action RPG might just be the one for you! Fifteen mastery classes and over a hundred transformative skill trees make give players many options when exploring dangerous dungeons and plowing through hoards of enemies. There’s also a crafting system, the ability to play with time, and zero pay to win involved in the game! Following it’s release, the Eleventh Hour team will release updates every few months in what they're calling "Cycles" that will include "end-game content, skills, unique items, gameplay systems, quality-of-life features, etc." 

Nightingale (PC) - February 22

In this PVE open-world survival crafting game you’ll work towards becoming a skilled Realmwalker, with the goal of using transdimentional portals to the city of Nightingale, the “last known bastion of humanity.” You’ll gather and craft your way through multiple climates and realms as you fight for your basic survival needs. You’ll be able to build an upgradeable base and form communities while even recruiting NPCs to contribute and help things run without you. You can play along or with friends as the game offers a co-op option to build a communal estate. You’ll craft weapons to fight off the fae that roam the world and collect “Realm Cards” that shape your next destination. 

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake (PC, PS5, XSX/S) - February 28

This remake of the 2013 original boasts a faithful retelling of the beloved original updated to new graphics and with a new re-recorded soundtrack of a live orchestra. You’ll either play as one brother in local co-op with an additional player or both brothers in tandem by yourself as you solve puzzles and discover hidden stories to save the brothers’ dying father. Don’t miss out on the chance to experience (or reexperience) the game that won a BAFTA for Game Innovation, the Downloadable Game of the Year from the D.I.C.E and Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences awards, and Best Xbox Game as the VGAs after its release!

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth (PS5) - February 29

This second chapter in the trilogy was previewed at the Summer Game Fest this last year with footage of Cloud and the gang walking through some good-looking environments and mini-games at the Golden Saucer. Square Enix has announced that players will have nearly 100 hours of adventure to look forward to! If you haven’t played the others games, creative director Tetsuya Nomura  has some good news for you; "Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is being designed so that people can enjoy this game whether they know the original game or not.” The most recent trailer was showcased at The Game Awards accompanied with a beautiful live performance.

Honorable Mention

Homeworld 3 (PC)

Originally Slated for February, but was announced for March 8th as of a few days after this blog was being written. I’m saying it still counts because… I can :) 

Starting strong with the first on the list is Homeworld 3. There have been multiple additions to the franchise since the original game launched in 1999, including the well-received remastered additions of Homeworld and Homeworld 2 in 2015, but this newest addition is the “true sequel to the legendary space-faring RTS” according to the official Instagram for the game. Check out the behind the scenes documentary below for a cool sneak peak into the making of the game.


Phew, that’s everything! It’s hard to believe this is all set to launch over the course of a single month. Which games are you looking forward to the most?!

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FF7 Rebirth and the Tomb Raider trilogy are the ones this month I'm most hyped for.

Resident Misanthrope

Nightingale looks to be right up my alley.  It wouldn't hurt my feelings if it were to appear in February's Game Vault.

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Lot of good games arriving, February is a great month for gamers