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I wanted to leave a note as a general site update, but more specifically, to the few regulars and Mods I worked with consistently. It's a bittersweet announcement, but I am going to be stepping away from Arena as an Admin soon. (No, the bots didn't drive me out.)

I enjoyed my time working with Cartire and Jon, the Global Site Manager. (Really, I did.) It's hard to say goodbye, but I took my chance with a new opportunity, which means letting go of this one. I'm not sure what's on the horizon next for me, but I do know what's on the horizon for Arena, and it is looking bright.

Alienware Arena is still a unique space in the gaming community and I feel really lucky I got to play an involved part in it. You may (or may not) see me lurking around as the site continues to go through some modernizing changes. Keep an eye out for new updates as the team has some hot irons in the fire! (I wish I could be more specific but that would ruin the surprise.)

Anyway, I'll leave with my signature tag: happy gaming! There'll be a new Admin taking my role soon, and I'm sure they'll experience all the fun hazing and chaos that comes with interfacing with this community. Don't be too mean to them. 

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Lord of the Mangoes

Never had the pleasure of asking you for help; but I always appreciated how responsive you were on the forums when people were asking for it. 

All the best!



Thanks for your help and management of the forums. Take care and stay safe wherever you go.

The Pilot

sadsad about this but good luck in your new opportunity and thanks for your help...  

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Goodbye, and welcome to the new mod

Well, if you liked travelling down the road leading to here it wasn't time wasted, end of the road is nothing compared to the trip itself.

Changing things around in life is good, good stuff await you, for sure. Good Luck!