Marvel's Midnight Suns - Official Launch Trailer (Available NOW)

Darkness falls… city by city, nation by nation. The time for the Midnight Suns is NOW! ► Available now for PC: ► Watch the Prequel Shorts: ► Join the Official Midnight Suns Newsletter and get the exclusive Blade Nightstalker Skin: ► Learn more about the Midnight Suns: Follow Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Facebook: Twitter: I
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This game looks super fun and I can't wait to play it!


Now just to wait for a Steam sale....

Homo Ursae Masculinii

I'm hoping it hits the Alienware Arena Game Vault - real soon!  That would be super sweet!

Just thinking aloud ...


I enjoyed XCOM and XCOM 2. It's the from the same maker (Fireaxis) as those games with similiar gameplay.