Guardians of the Galaxy launches Oct. 26!

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Protecting the galaxy, Guardian style! In case you missed it, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy launches October 26, 2021. The Eidos-Montréal take on everyone’s favorite galactic misfits, promising a story-driven shooter with lots of shooting. Did I mention the shooting?  

With a killer soundtrack and tons of outfits to choose from, Guardians features an all-new story pitting our heroes against a religious cult led by The Matriarch and her majordomo, The Grand Unifier. With re-imagined character appearances, the game strives to bring a fresh take to the team while still preserving the quirky personality of the group, which quickly becomes apparent during their banter throughout the game. 

The game offers both Ray Tracing and DLSS options from NVIDIA, giving Guardians some impressive visual and performance enhancements for those lucky enough to have NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ cards. For a limited time, thanks to NVIDIA, you can enjoy Guardians of the Galaxy free with the purchase of a qualifying Alienware laptop or desktop anytime between October 7th through October 28th (or while supplies last!) Check out qualifying systems here. 

So, suit up Guardian, you’ve got a galaxy to save... again. 

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I hope its not a steaming pile of garbage like The Avengers was/is...  Starlord and Groot deserve better.