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FarmVille to be shut down and will be playable until December 31 this year

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Facebook games have come and gone, but FarmVille has been one of the most famous, instantly recognizable casual games to have made it to the platform. After making people head back to a virtual form of farms, poultry, and dairy for over a decade, the title is finally being put to rest by parent company Zynga. The game will continue to run until December 31, 2020.

FarmVille launched on Facebook back in 2009, when even Facebook was just growing in popularity. The casual game title sort of grew alongside Facebook thereafter, giving rise to the MMORPG category and numerous other games like CityVille. The new kind of gaming offered by FarmVille and other subsequent Zynga grew in popularity fairly quickly due to the unique gameplay which not just involved but heavily relied on social networking.

Zynga also mentioned that FarmVille’s in-app purchases will be available until November 17 this year. The game will continue functioning until the end of the year. The company also said that it would be rolling out a number of in-game activities between now and December, so that players can make the most of their remaining playtime.

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Played it a lot while I was in middle school. Sad to see that it came to an end :(