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Best RPG Games?

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What are some of the best RPG games out there?

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Elder Scrolls Online and just about anything by them, for my personal flavor of choice. Also If I want my eyes to bleed from wonderful graphics-Black Desert online remastered.....There is so much to do. And right now there are EVENTS out the wooohooo! SALE PRICE IS USD$5 dollars, you then own it and can do -WHATEVER YOU WANT.The exploration,character creation and dye options, horse races, underwater treasure chests, pirates, boss battles and so forth forever and  Open world exploration available, storylines or just go crushy crushy kill kill some goblins or monsters or trees..?..And with a referral code you get a bunch of freemium goodies-here's a code-B8DJPSTLEJ  (Ihope that's ok for this forum-if not ill remove it when told to) Hope you find your RPG of choice-there are also Tera, Archeage, Tree of Savior, Monster Hunter World(Idk if that counts tbh.) Fortnite-Save the world- Actually pretty neat.


Final Fantasy is a RPG favorite. Starting From FF1 Through FF12. Any of them would be a great one to play. Of course with FF1 going back to the early 80's.

If you like more of an action RPG, then FF15 is your ticket, 

FF had to MMO's one that bombed and the other that is still living well. 

Also check that one you if you like MMORPG's

Another great series of RPG's is the Dragon Age Line of games. First two are isometric RPG's. The 4th is an Action RPG.


Final Fantasy series, Baldur's Gate, Chrono Trigger, Persona 4 Golden, Skyrim, Divinity Original Sin I & II get my vote.

I was a huge fan of Fallout until 4 and the product after that that won't be named

raistlyn said:

I was a huge fan of Fallout until 4 and the product after that that won't be named

Kudos to you, because honestly...I'm still upset about the nonsense that was the unspeakable disappointment.

Could League of Legends be an RPG game for someone who played against other players and would The Secret World Legends also be option as another RPG game that represents as MMORPG?