I've tried upgrading the fans to be quieter on my A51 r5 with not much success.


2x ml120 (not pro) on the radiator from the cpu fan (using noctua splitter with 1 missing pin on one arm)

2x ml120 pro rgb on top header (Top and middle front fans)

1x ml120 pro rgb on pci fan header at bottom of case

The bios doesn't detect any of them and the supportassist boot checker halts and tests and freezes on the test.

I replaced one of the fan radiators with the original radiator fan and that is now detected.  The others are all turning, and can be controlled by AWCC to a certain extent (Setting to max speed does make them go faster, but can't get them to go particularly slow or off).

I'd seen people had done similar with the R2 and had rather hoped it would work.  Anyone got any ideas?



p.s. I haven't plugged up the rgb side of things yet as I'm waiting on a molex splitter to give power for the usb hub to make that work.

p.p.s. The noise culprit turns out to be the u.2 fans which were insanely loud so I unplugged them.  AWCC didn't shut them up or stop them at all hence I thought I needed quieter fans.