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Alienware x51 No bootable drive...blah, blah

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I have an Alienware X51 and I'm getting the "no bootable device found" message.  I have removed the hard disk and plugged into my other computer and it never fails to find it, and I can search the contents no probs.  I have replaced the hard disk power and sata cables, and still the same issue.  Sometimes it starts, sometimes it doesn't.  I saw a video where a guy shook it to get it to work, so I wonder what the hell is wrong with it?  Is there anything I can do or is it just stuffed?



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Have you tried updating the firmware of the X51?  -and which revision X51 is it?

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I haven't updated it, is there somewhere I can be pointed to update it. Although it's not going anywhere near booting, so can I even update the firmware? I'm trying to fix it for a friend, so I'm not sure on revision. Again if you can point me in that direction I'm happy to walk it.

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Run crystal mark info on the drive (scan disk as well) when it is in another machine (or in a caddy plugged into another machine). The drive could be on the way out (if the shaking works this is only a temporary solution - percussion maintenance only will get things working for a little while and of course only works for HDD not SSD).  Back up the contents and get a new drive if crystal mark reports errors - use the opportunity to upgrade to an SDD.  Is it a win 10 or Steam OS machine?

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What model X51 do you have?

Have you tried F12 and select your boot HDD?