Audio problems on some games

Audio problems on some games

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Hi there.

I've got a problem, as the title might suggest.
It is, that on some games I want to play, e.g. Aion Free-to-Play, Saints Row: The Third, Saints Row: IV... etc.. I can't hear ANYTHING... I always have to re-install my audio driver for it to work...every time after restarting my PC... it's getting annoying.
Some other games tho, like TeamFortress 2, Left4Dead2, Age of Empires II: HD Edition...etc... it works just fine... w/o having to re-install the audio driver over and over again.
And it's really just games... videos and stuff work fine as well.. w/o re-installing.

Pls help, Thx.

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Had similar with my 17r4 - latest windows update (creators fall) seems to have solved the problem for the moment.  I found turning off the enhancements and using the generic audio HD driver was the most successful of techniques to get the sound working again.


Agree ... use the generic audio HD driver.  This is a persistent issue on Windows 10, affecting systems from Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Asus ... not just Alienware. 


Nope. Tried it. It still won't work. Disabled all enhacements with the HD driver. But still no sound.