Blizzard set Guinness's record with this huge diorama

Blizzard set Guinness's record with this huge diorama

Blizzard to the visitors of BlizzCon convention last weekend prepared a special honor. About 10 thousand players of World of Warcraft could print the 3D miniatures of their characters and place them in a huge diorama about size of 120-square-meter.Battle for Lordaeron, with what was announced a new expansion for the popular MMORPG, has set the Guinness World Record as the biggest staging in the shape of diorama with the theme from the video game.

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it looks nice.


At this point it would be cool if they could move so we could watch the battle.

Vote with your wallet.




Looks good)) thanks


Oh wow, that looks cool! I wish I could have gone this year!


kinda awesome


It's impressive that the miniatures are replicas of actual Warcraft toons


Wow Thats huge


some crazy amounts of work must have gone into that


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The big staging of battle between the Horde and the Alliance from this year's BlizzCon has earned Guinness World Record for the largest gaming diorama so far.

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