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How long does it take for my avatars/signatures to be approved?

The Dark Sun
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Please be aware that an admin or moderator has to approve your avatar and signature first!

How do I upload my avatar?

1. Go to your account page

2. Select the picture you want to set as your avatar

3. Please only use avatars that follow the community guidelines and do not picture any kind of sensitive material

4. Your avatar is now pending

5. An admin or moderator will approve your avatar after a short period of time and all users are able to see it!



- My avatar has still not been updated. Please help me!

If your avatar or signature is still pending after three work days, do not hesitate to contact me or one of the other moderators and admins. We will gladly help you!

- I understand that it has to be approved, but what is the typical wait time? 10 minutes? An hour? Longer?

Usally it takes up to 1-3h. If a admin or moderator is currently active it could be approved in a shorter period. If your avatar has not been declined and is still not visible after three work days, please message one of the moderators or admins.

If you have any more questions, please post them below!

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