Looking for a new game.

Looking for a new game.

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So, I had recently became addicted to Rainbow Six Siege and Smite, however it has started to get boring and bland, as everyone yells at me for not being the best in the world. So I was wondering if anyone knows any first person shooters or horror games that would be fun to play. (If it could be kinda cheap that would be nice, sorry not the richest).

Thanks for your help,


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Well, if you like first-person horror, I know SOMA is on sale right now on Steam. 


Ok thank you I will check it out.




overwatch although it's not that cheap


Tom Clancy's Ghost recon Wildlands? 



I'm still enjoying Destiny2  I'm not the best but the other players don't give me lip about it :)


you should TOTALLY play call of duty totally no sarcasm in there even if BO4  is BO3 minus thrusters + RSS


you should try out ironsight its free :D



you can pick up dirty bomb, arma 3 is good but you will want to buy the dlc to get the most fun out of it online, insurgency 2 is about to drop, rising storm 2 vietnam is hella fun. and you can also play pwnd if your looking for some quick fun



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