ARP September Sweepstakes Extended

ARP September Sweepstakes Extended

Due to a technical issue many were unable to enter the ARP sweepstakes during its final week. So, we have decided to extend the ARP September Sweepstakes until October 8th.

Make sure you enter for your chance to win one of five $100 Steam gift cards in the ARP Sweepstakes!


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Only NA?!! Pfff


Congratulations on your attitude ... Good luck to everyone.

GNU/Linux is my love system :) and good setup to play many games...


Thanks for the extra time! 

"The skins of those you love will fly as my Banners."


whenever i try to enter, it reloads the page with no difference, is there a glitch or is that on purpose?


Very cool. Thanks, Team. :0)


ONLY US and CA residents? Hope someday the region would also get expanded.

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Due to a technical issue, we have decided to extend the ARP September Sweepstakes until October 8th.

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