So I'm looking for a fun MMO to play... got any ideas

So I'm looking for a fun MMO to play... got any ideas

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I'm just not sure where to start looking

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I have really liked playing The Elderscrolls Online. You can sometimes get it for like 15$, it has a shit ton of content and constantly being updated.




Everquest 2 is an older one thats pretty good, new age im not too sure it kind of depends on what you are looking for


With ESO there is no monthly sub. required which is nice. You can play in the PVE world and PVP but you don't feel like you have to play all the time..


This one is like asking which color is best to choose as your favorite.  Remember that you have totally f2p (free 2 play) games where there is really no charge but they will also be slow on putting out new content and probably will not be a weight on your gpu.  The next set of f2p is where the items they sell are strictly fashion items that don't affect your game play and also is free.  Then the f2p model where you have to have a month subscription or play with fewer features in the f2p model (less inventory slots, fewer character slots, etc).  Some f2p models lets you earn currency in game that can be converted/exchanged like with real money conversion (marks to francs, dollar to yen, etc.) to pay for your monthly subscription, so it is more of a f2p buy you must work for it) .    Few games retain a pay model any more as games almost always go f2p now.

It also depends on the genre you like

RPG - You have everquest, neverwinter, elder scrolls online, Warcraft

Racing - Race Room Experience, iRacing (if I remember correctly)

SciFi - Star Trek Online, Eve Online, Star Wars The Old Republic

and so many others, that it would take days to list all of the categories and the games.  If you read this after I make the edit, the listing was only an rpg, it went to the wrong site.




Runescape, RIFT Online, ArcheAge, Star Wars the Old Republic(SWTOR), Black Desert Online. There are quite a few just depends on your taste really 

Only time will tell...


NeverWinter is a free game. Its fun with friends. If you don't like it you haven't lost any money.

Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring.


Guild Wars 2.   One time cost no subscription fees. 



Life is Feudal


I play Neverwinter Night and it is awesome and free.