What site/store do you purchase most of your games from?

What site/store do you purchase most of your games from?

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As a fellow NA user, I'm curious where you buy the majority of your games.  Can be a website, DRM service (like Steam), or even a physical store.  Why do you make your purchases there?

For me, it's mostly Steam, Humble Bundle, and Bundle Stars these days, with a few other reputable sites sprinkled in.  I tend to go for places that offer the best prices and that give a Steam key.

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You can usually find a deal somewhere...  for me, its Steam mostly, Greenman gaming, G2G.com and even Amazon sells some good games and discounted if you have Amazon Prime. I have bought from humble Bundle before.. and also have purchased from Blizznet, Origin etc. 


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for me its Steam or Humble Bundle where you can get great deals on all kinds of games and even enroll in their monthly bundle giveaway for $12 and its normally over $100 worth of games and they have big name titles and indie titles as well.


Now it is really only digital distribution.  You might find one or two games here and there that are still published in a box, but that number is very low.  Steam has been the big guy in the room since they tied it to Half-Life 2 way back when (too bad they never finished ep 3 and no HL3 on the horizon).  Steam use to be known for some of the best holiday and summer sales anywhere.  Now with more competition there sales are no better than other sites now.

Amazon is one, but they don't seem to be interested in flashing it up.

GOG - Good old Games, great place to find games of the past that you might have enjoyed but you haven't got to work in Windows 7,8,10, well they do all the work for you.  However despite their promises, they aren't able to give 100% assurance that it will work on your system.  They have a refund policy.  They host very few big name AAA titles.  So you won't find Call of Duty X on their site.  They are also the makers of The Witcher series (a more adult rpg, but not adult as in nudity and poor acting but would not be for anyone I say under 15 or 16)

Gamersgate - they have frequent sales and you can gain achievements and points (blue coins) for each purchase that can be applied as a form of cash to lower the price on future purchases.

Greenmangaming - they use to have vip, not it is missing, they too have good sales, but they haven't been as great as in the past, carry both indie and AAA titles.

Bundlestars - Great way to pick up 10-20 titles, mostly indie when there are many titles, other they bundle a game and all expansions and dlc into one pack at a very low price (they has Shadows of Modor GOTY selling in a bundle as low as about I think 9.99 when others were charging the full price.

HumbleBundle - want to feel good buying games, you can decide to give a 5% bonus to charities without it being added to the cost of the product.  Also they have what I think is one of the better bundle subscriptions, where you pay a monthly fee that they then reveal at the end of the month all the titles included (usually about up to $170 in value, just depends) and they usually reveal one of the best games in the bundle for the month so you can't lose if it is a great title you haven't bought yet and you get an additional 10% off store purchases in their store.  They also have book and mobile bundles as well.   Sale prices in the store aren't anything to lose sleep over, in my history with them.

wingamestore - essentially ebay to buy not auction gaming store.   They have had some good deals that directly compete with other sites for some of the lowest.

uplay - online store for ubisoft titles

origin - online store for EA titles as EA will no longer sell them on Steam

great places to find low prices over many sites is cheapshark and dealzon (they also do consoles), so you can save as much as you can

There are other sites, but these are the ones people mostly think of.  Avoid sites that sell codes, as steam for example takes no responsibility if you get taken and lose money.




BestBuy because I get the 10% gamer unlock.  I usually shop around so that BB can match the prices plus my gamers unlock advantage


It depends on the game.

Visual novels are most likely Nutaku.

Otherwise, mostly GOG, or Steam.


Well, HumbleBundle WAS one of my main sources for games but now it was bought out by IGN.. Reddit you can find a lot of awesome games for real cheap. Steer clear of G2A, they sell stolen shit.


For me it is usually Steam.


Steam, sometimes Kinguin...