Season 1 - Week 1 Results...

Season 1 - Week 1 Results...

There were 48 matches counting towards the Week 1 rankings and the results are in*:

  1. OrgWithaStick - 460.1
  2. michmaster - 460.1
  3. ScorchFlamer - 454.7
  4. wd40 - 454.7
  5. enemy20 - 451.3

*Xellos324 was in the Top 5, but resides in Germany and is not eligible for prizing.

We'll be reaching out to the Top 5 over the next couple of days about their $20 Steam gift card prize.

Remember that lineups are open every Monday until midnight (PST). So, make sure to build your lineup before the end of the day.

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Awesome! I hope that season 2 will be available for EU at least


So it has ended already.




yay cards


HornyPolymath said:

So it has ended already.

Only Week 1. 11 More Weeks and a Overall Season Prize still up for grabs.


Looks really nice. Time to join :)


how many weeks total?


Sounds good


Whoa! #1'ish!

Did me and michmaster have the same picks?

I'm just here for the nachos

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Match data is being calculated and rankings will be coming this afternoon (Pacific Time).

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