"Sorry, but this product is not available for purchase in this country. Your product key has not been redeemed." Just as I expected... Now, I can't even redeem Dragon's Dogma II
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04.19.2024 17:07:17 - yelkhal7 -
Same here ;(
04.19.2024 17:07:31 - Nattygains -
same here
04.19.2024 17:09:31 - RaPtUrA -
So you got the key but can't redeem it? If yes, then you're probably from some Asian country where I saw that some said they could see it in the Game Vault even though the key is supposedly only.
04.19.2024 17:16:58 - LaNeTH -
@RaPtUrA Turkey. They already know where I'm from from my Ip and phone number, I don't understand why they mess up. I'd simply pick the Yakuza game if I knew the key wouldn't work...
04.19.2024 17:53:53 - Nattygains -
I am from Algeria and the same thing happened to me
04.19.2024 18:27:31 - RaPtUrA -
If only the DD2 was actually redeemable here, I could have activated ROW keys but all of Europe didn't get DD2....apparently because of Germany.