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Another month of Great games from the vault, I managed to grab Dragon's Dogma 2 as alot of others seem to as well from people posting in discord. Looks like their were a few hiccups regarding region restrictions from capcom. If folks are having issues with their DD2 keys just hold on while they collect all the info. Email, they will be sorting it out for folks with issues.
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04.19.2024 20:12:43 - Velendris -
I couldn't even see Dragon's Dogma 2 in the vault games
04.19.2024 20:15:02 - bretongaming -
weird maybe some sort of display issue, what browser did ya use?
04.19.2024 20:16:15 - Velendris -
chrome, but it never happened before
04.19.2024 20:19:05 - bretongaming -
I use the same chrome for me as well Im puzzled.
04.19.2024 20:28:50 - zakijesk -
I think it's not available in your region that's why you couldn't see it in the vualt
04.19.2024 22:38:57 - RaPtUrA -
DD2 was available for basically every region but Europe which is probably why you didn't even see it.
04.19.2024 22:46:45 - STEPASR -
Can't even see Dragon's Dogma 2. Europeans screwed again
04.19.2024 23:00:55 - CaaioC -
I couldn't collect mine
04.20.2024 00:23:59 - bcdusk2 -
Sadly not enough ARP to get anything I wanted, oh well maybe next month...
04.20.2024 04:14:59 - cihs88 -
I am from Europe. I could see it and buy it. I just couldn't activate it.