Abandon All Hope

Claim code not found - perhaps you have already claimed this key. Disappear my 3 winning key codes from community giveaways. It's a bug or what?
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04.19.2024 03:09:35 - leonaevelionheart -
Did you claim your keys in time (in 24 hours)? Or the system will select the next winner.
04.19.2024 03:14:23 - leonaevelionheart -
Also, in the FAQ: "You must claim your key on Steam within 72 hours or you may be banned from participating in future Community Giveaways." My guess is if you didn't redeem the keys in time, you will get banned and the keys will be removed.
04.19.2024 17:07:24 - FallAlone -
04.19.2024 18:36:16 - FallAlone -
Ty for the info bro!