Helldivers 2 Community Event

I don't have the game myself, but apparently around 1000 of you do and not everyone has played their minimum hours yet. The event is currently underway: play the game, get the rewards! There's enough of you that you can get to the final milestone if everyone helps.
Team lifting required!

(Obligatory, "there'll be a Free to Play Community Event later this month for all peeps.")

Helldivers 2 Community Event. There's 1000 people who own it and
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05.10.2024 23:45:55 - MysteriousMrX -
(Puhleaze do not mock my Photoshop skills. I am very sensitive about that.)
05.11.2024 16:13:39 - Rubee3n -
Very little reward to make this event
05.11.2024 21:16:26 - DrowningInIt -
Lets party up guys cmon now
05.12.2024 02:47:43 - MysteriousMrX -
@Rubee3n I feel like going forward, perhaps thanks to the latest set of artifacts and having to make sure people don't try and let others finish the event hours before doing their own hours in a single blast to get the bonus ARP, events
05.12.2024 02:48:48 - MysteriousMrX -
going forward will have less ARP rewards. So this is likely about 1/2 the ARP Free to Play events will have in the future, with less than half the amount of hours required. My theory is that AWA does want to stay current with having popular
05.12.2024 02:56:17 - MysteriousMrX -
games as paid events, but I think a large part of the reason this game was an event is because enough players were vocal about wanting it as an event (and most have put in their hours and then some). If it's not worth it to you, it's not
05.12.2024 02:58:15 - MysteriousMrX -
worth it to you, but you won't get many chances to get ARP that isn't open to all members, so for those who have the game I'd at least try and get it done. For events like this, it's only us who can defeat us.
05.12.2024 04:04:17 - anonumos -
@MysteriousMrX - Communities play events like this need better scalability, hence the need to know/estimate the number of users which can/would take part. (1)
05.12.2024 04:57:45 - MysteriousMrX -
@anonumos Thanks to the steam linking, they have a rough idea of how many people own a game before it's used for a quest or event, and do adjust the hours accordingly. Dead By Daylight had 50K hours for at least one of it's events, if I
05.12.2024 04:59:07 - MysteriousMrX -
recall correctly (think we failed that one), while Baldur's Gate 3 was initially going to be 18K hours, and was reduced to 12K before the event started. With the latest artifact set that adds 10% bonus ARP, increasing ARP could increase the