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⚡Artifact Info
Ba`li Arches
 🔻Effect|Time on Site +1/2/3/4/6 ARP
 🔻Set|Zorathian Renaissance
  🔸All ARP +10%
0 / 240
04.02.2024 02:47:59 - bcdusk2 -
Time on site? Well... maxed out it doesn't sound so bad.
04.02.2024 02:48:50 - krishtian -
@bcdusk2 yes, it’s the best out of this set
04.02.2024 03:00:08 - bcdusk2 -
Can't get my time on site higher that 5 with the thing equipped for some reason? Maybe you have to have it equipped before the day starts or something?
04.02.2024 08:00:08 - vicmac -
It's a good choice if you max out this artifact, after +15 arp twitch quests artifact it's your best option if you come here every day.
04.02.2024 08:41:48 - Bamboulé -
I have the same problem, it says Time on Site - Max ARP per day: 9, but earned ARP won't go over 5
04.02.2024 08:46:52 - TRIBALien -
@bcdusk2 You might want to check your ARP Progress for the day. ( The Control Center page appears to be maxed out at 5 but the ARP Log has the correct value of 7. (I upgraded the artifact once.)
04.02.2024 09:13:20 - Vigi1 -
Artifact is bugged. Euiped and upgraded it says: "Time on Site - Max ARP per day: 8" but it stops at 5. I checked logs and everything and I only got 5.
04.02.2024 09:19:10 - Bamboulé -
i think it depends on the time, when you equipped the artifact. Those who equipped it soon after daychange already got the increased ARP and thos who equipped it today didn't got it
04.02.2024 09:41:00 - Gyatsuku -
I'm pretty sure the "bug" people are having is when they already maxed out their daily arp to 5 before equip. The same happens if you watch twitch till you get the maxed out message in the widget and then equip the twitch artifact.
04.02.2024 09:59:59 - Izi1 -
Earned ARP was at 0 when I equiped new artifact. It went up till 5 and then stops. Max for me is 7.