This "Relay" thing is one of the worse social media / discussion channel I used : no visibility, no upvote, almost no sort for posts, no easy name mention when reply to someone, no personnalisation for visual style or text formatting... Ah and don't forget the big ads who takes all the screen every 5 messages. Hope they will update these problems, this is not convenient at all as it is !
02.11.2024 19:09:35 - LittleFreak92 -
I'm not surprised. AWA 90% adversaries platform for themselves 😅
02.12.2024 14:40:13 - Pylawn -
@Tabbou lots of these things are getting fixed as we go :) (like being able to tag you in this post for example is now live). Text formatting is here on a basic level with Markdown. Sorting we're working on some searching / tagging options
02.12.2024 14:58:37 - AW_Vigo -
It's all being worked on. No one goes into a project saying "I WANT THIS TO BE TERRIBLE". Time, patience, and hard work go a long way. =)
02.12.2024 15:21:44 - Tabbou -
@AW_Vigo yeah but previous forum weren't that bad. Sure I can wait, but why put ads on a forum who already is on a brand website who have lot of things to sell
02.12.2024 16:18:38 - Pylawn -
I will say, I wanna tweak the way the "ads" work still, but really, they're just links to our products, which we had on the forums before. But really, the more we show off our Alienware things, the more cool free stuff we can get for member
02.12.2024 17:01:42 - Tabbou -
@Pylawn to me the whole website advertise your products but I got your point ;)