The Sheriff

All new Relays now require a tag.
Users can now filter by tag to view the most pretendent information.
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05.21.2024 17:09:23 - Aradiel. -
That's almost useful, but I agree with the guy that wants to ignore individual users. Some people post things, a lot of things, that are of no interest.
05.21.2024 17:50:59 - krishtian -
Can you filter using tag?
05.21.2024 19:24:02 - temperik97 -
05.21.2024 20:46:04 - Thalatash -
Did you meant to say "pertinent"? I don't think "pretendant" is what you meant to say, although it is perfectly cromulent.
05.21.2024 23:45:01 - PAGood151 -
easiest way to tag?
05.22.2024 00:10:28 - caaaaaps -
As rightful ruler of this realm, how do I tag myself 'pretendent' and overthrow the Usurper Mods?
05.22.2024 06:05:29 - MegaMaxedStone -
just let me IGNORE THEEEEM
05.22.2024 06:39:17 - StompsDaWombat -
Might I suggest a General or Social tag (set as the default) for all those "Hi/Hello/Wassup" and meme posts? And maybe an ARP penalty for misusing tags? As hi-larious as those cat memes are, I don't think they fit under any current tags.
05.22.2024 06:48:44 - anonumos -
@StompsDaWombat as good as punishing those who misused the tag might sound,keep in mind this is awa and the level of coding is not high (no offence to anyone);might happen that those -arp applies even to those who are posting/commenting at
05.22.2024 06:49:46 - anonumos -
*who are not posting/commenting at all