Second day can't change artifact. Relogin, changing region, changing login method doesnt help. What else?
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06.23.2024 01:21:36 - ShadowTv6 -
Click any perk which if fully upgraded and click upgrade and check again
06.23.2024 06:45:20 - ppavee -
try incognito, hard refresh page instead of normal refresh
06.23.2024 11:33:08 - Slayer3k -
What is hard refresh? Doesn't work another browser and mobile.
06.23.2024 11:35:20 - Slayer3k -
Method with perk works. Thanks. Noted it for next time.
06.25.2024 11:49:16 - louvelyn -
When you're sure the 24h are past, you can force the refresh by changing the prefix url! So if you're on na.alienware for example, try eu. instead, and vice-versa.
06.25.2024 12:26:36 - Slayer3k -
@louvelyn I mean it then wrote "changing region". That time even this doesnt work. Logout/login, eu/na, clear cache, logout pc/login mobile. All methods I know)
06.25.2024 16:27:37 - louvelyn -
I'm looking at your page and seeing all 3 slots unlocked. Have you tried a prefix you DID NOT use before? Try
06.26.2024 11:54:55 - Slayer3k -
@louvelyn New region for every time it bugged?) I made it with upgrading locked artifacts. It gives me error and unlocked them.
06.26.2024 12:25:09 - louvelyn -
Haha, no it's just that if you looked at the other url before the 24h, they would have cached the wrong information too, so you need to pick one you haven't been at *in more than 24h*. Happy that one trick worked at least, though!
06.26.2024 16:36:16 - Slayer3k -
louvelyn Changed it at 19:20-30 and trying to change it back at 21-23:00. Was sure in 24h+.