Hi guys, I need assistance in getting a refund on accidentally clicking on confirm instead of cancel on Remnant Ii: The Forgotten Kingdom DLC. Any support team handles or email address I can use to get assistance?
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05.29.2024 09:10:46 - ShyOn92 -
Thanks I have sent an email to and also contacted an admin on the same issue
05.29.2024 11:14:15 - krishtian -
You won't get a refund, you clicked twice to get a key.
05.29.2024 11:42:56 - RaPtUrA -
Literally what happened to me when the vault opened ^^ The cancel button is on the "wrong" side which is why I clicked confirm instead of cancel.
05.29.2024 12:18:08 - krishtian -
@ShyOn92 I use it on weekly if not often basis. And you gotta click on the game first and Confirm or Cancel then. It’s on you to make sure what to press.
05.29.2024 12:19:25 - ShyOn92 -
@krishtian I bet you haven't used the game vault for long coz after click on any game a pop up comes with the games info and links and two one click buttons. And that is confirm and cancel. I mean,I wouldn't spend even 1arp on a dlc.
05.29.2024 12:23:04 - JunkKing -
I did exactly the same with the same DLC and the same only paying half attention thinking I clicked on Cancel.
05.29.2024 16:39:52 - ShyOn92 -
@anonumos - I use both laptop n mobile. However the error occurred while using my laptop in the morning after seeing the discount on the homepage.
05.29.2024 16:43:37 - anonumos -
@ShyOn92 thanks for the reply, I was thinking about fingers,lol, I mean I was thinking abouth mobile phones when I saw that you wrote << accidentally clicking>> on the post, sorry that this happened, hope they refund you !
05.29.2024 17:41:32 - asiquesi -
Your key is issued and shown immediately so I guess you won't get it
05.29.2024 18:28:40 - anonumos -
@asiquesi I drop a link on the other topic open by mishasama with duplicate key, you can verify if a key was used or not; key used-> op can be banned+account deleted for fraud and if not then not; not see why someone would risk his account