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 ‘Everywhere’ is the new project from GTA boss Leslie Benzies
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 by Davidios
 Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Gets New Video Providing Basic Sniping Tactics
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 by Davidios
 Dirt 4 announced, and it's out this year
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 by Davidios
 Fasten your seat belts, DiRT 4 is coming
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 by Kuly01
 Big ten Network to Broadcast LoL collegiate tournament
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 by jackwertz
 Ghost Recon: Wildlands closed beta begins February 3
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 by Davidios
 Mobius Final Fantasy is coming to the West this February
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 by Davidios
 Gaming finally has a special place in the settings of Windows 10
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 Hitman from next month becomes a true professional
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 Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire Announced
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 by Gorbovsky
 Meet the villain of Mass Effect Andromeda, and the male version of the main character
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 by Sulimen
 Marvel and Square Enix have announced collaboration on Avengers franchise
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 Memoranda is a wonderful adventure and maybe it would be a shame if it passed under your radar
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 The plot of the story in Ghost Recon: Wildlands sounds quite familiar
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 The Surge perfectly displays how to us visit to the dentist looks like
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 Nothing can survive in the new Prey trailer
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 Pro gaming to watch this weekend
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 by k4castiel
 How Soldier 76, Sombra and Symmetra are changing the Overwatch meta
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 by k4castiel
 Dark Souls ends in third month this year
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 by Sulimen
 Obsidian announced it`s next project, fans are hoping that is a new Fallout
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 by agusputra01
 Deus Ex: Breach and VR Experience from now are free on Steam
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 Extra Alienware Ra Skin?
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 by Superkeks30
 First Battlefield 1 DLC brings four new maps, two vehicles and a new mode
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 Can you believe that the original Resident Evil looks this good from first person?
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 by Kuly01
 Strategy Game Northgard
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 by Falinae