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 Upcoming PC Games for January
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 Upcoming Dishonored 2 Update Will Have Custom Difficulty and Mission Select
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 Awesome Games Done Quick Finishes Event With New Donations Record
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 Top 100 Countries, Ranked In Terms Of Gaming Revenue
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 Daily Deal - Crusader Kings II, 75% Off
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 Soon arrives PES 2018 announcement
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 Horizon: Zero Dawn’s updated Photo Mode has produced some lovely images
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 Daily Deal - Alan Wake, 90% Off
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 We`re excited about the new game that will soon be revealed by The Binding of Isaac creator
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 Bloodborne 2 Is 99% Certain To Be Showcased At E3, Says Ori And The Blind Forest Dev
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 Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Sale Begins Soon
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 Raiders Of The Broken Planet Beta Dated
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 [TF2] "Heartfelt Hug" charity medal distributed
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 Alan Wake Is Disappearing From Steam And Xbox Live Because The Future Is Weird
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 PSA: Get Alan Wake for $2.99 on PC now before the game gets removed indefinitely
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 Daily Deal - Furi, 40% Off
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 Daily Deal - Valhalla Hills, 75% Off
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 Weekend Deal - SCS Software Games up to 80% Off
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 Free Weekend - DiRT Rally
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 New Dead By Daylight DLC That Adds Killer Doctor Available Now
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 Alan Wake being removed from Steam/Digital Stores
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 Alan Wake is disappearing from Steam after this weekend
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 The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ Booster Pack 2 and New Game Teased
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 First Madden 18 trailer appears to confirm a story mode like FIFA 17's The Journey
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 [NSFW] The old school shooter Tormentor X Punisher will be released in June
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