Far Cry 5 might rides in with cowboys and western themes
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 The Elder Scrolls Anthology game case stops a bullet, saving one guy’s life
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 The King of Fighters XIV Steam Edition Officially Announced; Closed Beta Coming Later This Month
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 Steam now says why it recommended games to you, Valve explains how it’s trying to make a store for everyone
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 Microsoft showed its VR-controllers, similar to the hybrid Oculus Touch and Vive
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 Rainbow Six Siege Year 2 Season 2 delayed three months for “Operation Health” as Ubisoft shores up tech and resolves issues
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 Get yourself into the Gwent closed beta now – registrations shut down this weekend
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 PayDay VR and Mobile PvP Games Announced
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 Europa Universalis IV: Third Rome Announced
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 Tropico Games creators announced the colonization of the red planet in Surviving Mars
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 Thief the movie is coming, and also a new game
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 Check the Launch Trailer for The Surge
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 BattleTech Gets Publishing Deal with Paradox, First Gameplay Trailer
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 Grab a free copy of Dungeons 2 while the discount is still running
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 Rumor: Io Interactive will retain Hitman rights, second season is still on the way
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 Half Life 2: VR mod remasters the original game with weapon interactions for virtual reality
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 For Honor 1.07 Patch Tweaks Progression System Next Week
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 The British start-up attracted $ 502 million to create large-scale VR-simulations
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 PC Gamer UK Podcast 48: Our Top 100 picks
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 The best and worst dressed characters in PC gaming
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 H1Z1 update adds new nighttime skirmish and team scoring
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 Oculus Rift creator Palmer Luckey kicks in $2000 to CrossVR Patreon (Updated)
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 Fallout 4 modders are bringing skills back to the wasteland
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 Watch Dogs 2 update adds four player co-op next week
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 Heroes of the Storm's new Support hero is the Zerg-infested Admiral Stukov
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