Find Out What We've Been Keeping Under Wraps!

Find Out What We've Been Keeping Under Wraps!






The Future Revealed!


Grand Prize:  New Alienware Aurora!


Congratulations to Kyle F. from North Dakota!

Kyle answered our 3 Alienware history questions correctly to become the lucky winner drawn to win the New Alienware Aurora!


Celebrate 20 years of Alienware innovation and enter to win a top secret rig just by finding the answers to the Alienware history questions below!


​Return on 6/10 to enter your answers.  Entry period 6/10-6/14.

All questions revealed on Alienware Twitter and Alienware Facebook as listed below:

​Answer Hint

Question #1 revealed:  What desktop introduced in 2006 was Alienware's first 100% exclusive ID, included advanced liquid cooling and legendary AlienFX? Answer:  Alienware P2

Question #2 revealed:  Sold in 2009, which Alienware desktop had active venting & thermal controls, tool-less & cable free HDD cages, & motorized door components?  Answer:  Alienware Phobos

Question #3 revealed:  What 2011 Alienware mid-size tower included tool-less HDD bays, internal theatre lighting, and the first six core CPUs with liquid cooling?  Answer:  Alienware Aurora


Contest is open only to legal residents of the United States (other than Rhode Island and US territories) that are 13 years of age or older as of June 10, 2016.


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