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AlienFX Themes

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Heya, just ordered my Alienware and was curious to know if there's a database/website you can download AlienFX themes(as in..when i play diablo 3 it set up with red lights, BF3 with blue lights or so..etc..etc.). Any pointers be appreciated, figured there must be some website that stash such combo's. Just for record, my laptop is m17x R4. cheers, -G
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You can change the settings for certain games in the AlienAdrenaline such as which FX are loaded during the game, however im not sure about diablo as it uses a launcher to start the game. but it does work for StarCraft 2, Batman and BF3( I think)

bf3 already makes use of alienfx by default. When in lobbys it will alternate colors. When you are on the battlefield it will stay white. When you get hit it will turn darker and darker red. If you are near death it will pulse red. As far as a place to dload alienfx themes - I have been searching for months. There is nowhere for the r4 versions and older models are not compatible with the new ones. I made a thread in reddit for it and posted 2 themes (nothing special). Hoping more people will add -

It would be nice if there were a site that maintained themes. It might be something to bring up to AWA maybe?

bf3 looks sick with the alienfx lights. like ChicagoSwagger said... when you get hit they start to turn red. and when you are almost dead they start blinking. its so cool.

Personally, I usually listen to music when I play and I set up my AlienFX to do this with the Winamp AlienFX plugin: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> It's my video btw ^_^

i made a theme since last year for my M17xR3 here it is for download!!! Its a reggae theme i made: