Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora Releases Season Pass Content Trailer

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The release of Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora is less than a month away on December 7th and Ubisoft has just announced their plans for future content in the form of a quick, informative trailer. In the trailer, Associate Creative Director Andrada Greciuc introduces three new content offerings that come along with the Season Pass, which is included with the Gold and Ultimate editions. A bonus quest called “Familiar Echoes” will be available to you upon launch. While it is not as large as the other Story Packs, it’s nice to get a little instant gratification right away since the next story pack, “The Sky Breaker”  is not set to release until Summer 2024. The third release is in Fall 2024 with the pack titled “Secrets of the Spires.” 

Familiar Echoes

In this bonus content, you’ll be infiltrating a highly secured RDA military base to hack their classified data to sabotage them from the inside. Season pass holders will also receive a bundle upon launch that includes the “Resistance Equipment Pack” and “Resistance Banshee Cosmetic Set” which isn’t technically part of the mission, but comes with it.

The Sky Breaker

The story starts when your character is visiting and traveling with the nomadic Zeswa clan into the Upper Plains. During a grand gathering of clans, your festivities are interrupted by a threatening mysterious shadow. As Greciuc goes on to state that you’ll be facing off against the RDA, it seems that this mysterious shadow has something to do with the game’s main antagonist. Just exactly what this shadow remains a mystery!  

Secrets of the Spires

This Story Pack introduces a stunning new region of the Western Frontier. Destructive mining from the RDA threatens this region, and you’ll need to protect the land in aerial combat with your banshee. Greciuc implies there are additional secrets and an urgency within this mission and the trailer does an effective job of making this Story Pack look like an adrenaline-filled addition.   

Having to follow the second of James Cameron's modern animation marvels arguably raises the stakes for Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora even more and a regular game release. Sure, there are lots of games that have been based on or share the same world as movies, but the Avatar movies are so visually rich and complex that it seems like an especially daunting task. The trailer is certainly stunning, and although it makes sure to note that the animations for the trailer are concept art and not game footage, it certainly looks like they have captured the beauty of Pandora! It looks like we will just have to put the graphics to the test on December 7th!

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Game is not even released yet but we alredy know the content of the season pass.  

A game to buy in complete edition at -75% in 5 years. 

Far Cry Avatar Edition sadly (of course I hope not but with Ubisoft since some times now...)