Truckers, Start Your Engines! Get Ready to Hit the Roads as Alaskan Road Truckers

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Alaskan Road Truckers is more than a simulator! You aren’t just a truck, you'll play as a trucker with a focus on life both inside and outside of your vehicle. Deliver cargo, build a successful business, and get out of your truck to explore Alaska while maintaining your vehicle and taking care of your own health and needs. As you navigate treacherous conditions on the road, remember that your character's well-being is just as crucial as the cargo you're hauling.

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Woah, here I thought it'd be a DLC for American Truck Simulator. The concept looks great, especially since roads can be very different from same old highways. Will add it to my wishlist. 


American Truck Simulator doesn't have snow or change in road traction :) .. this will be interesting. Hope there's VR support.