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【Steam Community Challenge】Dota 2|Oct 24 - Nov 07(❌ ENDED! - Failed Milestone 8)

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Dota 2 Community Event

Join the rest of the Alienware Community in playing Dota 2 to collectively earn milestone rewards. Our Steam Community Events take the cumulative playtime of our members and award prizes such as ARP, Badges, and Borders for reaching specific time milestones. Working (and playing) together means the rewards rack up faster-- so get ready to queue up and play to win!


   ⌛ Point Progress|41,642/45,000 ⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬜(92.54%)

   ⏰ Countdown Timer【AWASCC】Dota 2



How to join?

  • Just click this link (once avaialble) then go to bottom then click Join Community Event.


Reward List

  • ✅ 4,000 hours|10 ARP (Achieved and delivered)
  • ✅ 8,000 hours|20 ARP (Achieved and delivered)
  • ✅15,000 hours|30 ARP (Achieved and delivered)
  • ✅20,000 hours|40 ARP (Achieved and delivered)
  • ✅25,000 hours|50 ARP (Achieved and delivered)
  • ✅30,000 hours|Dota 2 Event Border! (Achieved and delivered)
  • ✅40,000 hours|75 ARP (Achieved and delivered)
  • ❌45,000 hours|5 Fragments



1. Make sure that your hours are registered, you can check it during Steam Quest. If your hours do count then it'll go to the pool here as well. To all people - check Steam Quest setup requirements, make sure that EVERYTHING is set to public - profile, game details, including game hours!
Otherwise your hours will not be counted.

2. You can help everyone by choosing the 3rd game for Steam Weekly Quest and bring more time to the total.

3. You can enter community challenge before it starts. If you start after one of the milestones you'll loose previous rewards.

4. If the system doesn't recognize the game in your library then play for an hour and refresh the page.

4. Join our Discord group to cooperate and have fun together.

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This one's gonna be easy to actually play. It's my most played game on Steam and my favorite PvP game of all time. 45,000 hours is a lot though, I wonder if we'll all be able to hit that number.

moshi7776 said: 11m

I have DOTA 2, but check game show that I don't have it.

I had that problem earlier. I decided to play for an hour and give everything some time to update. Then I checked back later and it was fixed. There's a pinned thread named "Unofficial AWA Status & Solutions" if you want to try other possible solutions.



PUBG got bumped again, eh?

I hope there are a lot of AWA members who love DOTA 2, because this one feels rougher to complete to me.  Admittedly, this is definitely not my jam.  While I can't say I was champing at the bit to play some PUBG, I could see myself playing a few matches and putting in a couple hours every day, but DOTA 2?  Competitive multiplayer and MOBA is a double whammy of game types I don't really enjoy.  And they added an extra 10,000 hours on top (for the same 5 Fragments)?  I don't know about this one.

Kuang Grade Mark Eleven

Smells like another epic fail in the making - goodbye to the measly five fragments :(

hbarkas said: 4m

Smells like another epic fail in the making - goodbye to the measly five fragments :(

Do these type of events usually have problems? They never finished issuing the fragments for the last one.