【Steam Fests/Events】Next Fest - October 2023

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This year had been many surprises, many games through many sales that you bought, but still you want more...

So here it comes, welcome to Steam Next Fest again, during October 9th through 16th. you got to explore and play hundreds of upcoming game demos, even watch developer livestreams, interact with them about their games in progress, coming soon to Steam. Here comes some of the games:


Enjoys playing bullet hell? How about Metroidvania?

Embark on an epic action-adventure as you slash, dash, and combo your way through a vast, vibrant world. Explore and uncover hidden secrets. Customize your build to triumph in spectacular boss battles. Experience a tale of mystery, magic, and mayhem in TEVI!


Do you sometimes just want to mess with your friends? Why not SPANK THEIR ASS?

Spanky is the slaphappy butt physics multiplayer game that brings fluid booty movement mechanics to fun arenas, allowing you to compete in a variety of fast-paced, booty slappin' party games with up to 7 friends!

Stronghold: Definitive Edition

Greetings sire! Remember that old castle sim that allows you to design, build and destroy historical castles?

Your stronghold awaits you. Build a castle economy, besiege unforgettable villains and return to the 'castle sim' that started it all. Experience this classic RTS with upgraded visuals, modernised gameplay, Steam multiplayer and a new campaign.


Sometimes you're just tired and want something relaxing?

Été is a relaxing painting game where you freely explore a city in the summer, collecting ideas in your album, creating artworks on canvas, and decorating your studio by selling your art to your neighbours.

Checkmate Showdown

You like chess, how about adding fighting into it?

Crush your opponents in the arena and on the chessboard in this online multiplayer competitive tactical fighting game that mixes the strategic elegance of Chess with the fast-paced execution of fighting games.

Doggy Don't Care

Do you remember those funny weird games that you've seen and played?

Unleash adorable chaos as a mischievous pup! Explore, collect, and smash your way around the house & beyond in this cheeky adventure. Fetch the approval of your feathered friend, Rocko the Parrot, by digging into a list of fun-filled tasks. It's sure to be a pawsitively unforgettable day!

Below the Stone

So many genres, so this must not be forgotten.

A pixel-art roguelike about dwarves on the quest for the deepest depths. A place where each and every descent will lead to new adventures -- and where only the most determined dwarves with many lost lives will be rewarded by the hidden world lying below the stone.

The Last Exterminator

Have nostalgia towards those arcade games back in 80's and 90's?

You're an exterminator. You kill things for a living. When a hostile invasion of alien cockroaches rocks your city, you've got a job to do. A high-octane retro-FPS inspired by some of the best games of the 90s.

There are still more upcoming games, and there's always something for everyone to try and even interact with Devs. So don't miss when it starts on October 9th at 10 am PT on Steam.

What games are you looking forward to try?

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Forever_low said: 2m

El último exterminador

Realmente parece bueno, el demo esta listo para probar ahora tb si te interesa.

snoopys040 said: 11m

Stronghold: Definitive Edition

I guess this game might bring too many memories for those who played old ver before, all things remastered, new experience for old known/familiar gameplay!

Plenty of nice poor grammar, I do sometimes just got tired. As well I remember those funny weird games that I ever seen and played. So maybe.