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Need to offer more options for Steam ARP

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I am grateful for the "Choose your own ARP" for Steam, however; it rewarding less and the constant choices of MOBA, generic shooters, and MMOs really wastes the opportunity to really benefit from the connection of promoting Steam games.  I would hope at least 1 RPG or something else beyond group rotated games would be an option for the 25 ARP option.  You could even promote some indie games instead of two major titles.  Some variety would help Steam and Alienware get more traffic.

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Try as they might, they can't please everyone - which is precisely why they started offering a "Choose Your Own Game" option, so that every week people could earn at least some Steam Quest ARP from one game that they actually want to play.

And they have rotated in a wide variety of other games.  In the past, some of the featured games have been titles like Cyberpunk 2077, Elden Ring, Hogwarts Legacy, Stray, Valheim, ARK: Survival Evolved, Payday 2, Stardew Valley, Travellers Rest, Halls of Torment, and literally dozens of others that I can't recall off the cuff, games spanning a wide range of genres and prices.  But there are always some community members who aren't happy because they don't play a certain genre or don't like a particular game or they don't like seeing expensive new releases in the mix or any number of other complaints.  I'd say the current system is a fair compromise and works about as well as one could hope; we get to choose one game for ourselves (and because we get to pick it, it's worth less ARP), we get one (mostly) guaranteed free-to-play title, and then there's a wild card slot that could be anything from a $70 triple-A new release to a modestly priced indie to a currently/recently bundle game (like from Humble Bundle) to another free-to-play game.

At least the current Custom Quest really seems nice, even with less ARP.

Due to in the past we had cases like no F2P games so practically you're missing all Steam Quests 25 ARP each one for that kind of week.

Now at least you get 15 ARP instead of 0...


We are always open to suggestions for games you'd like to see! 

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Lecksea said: 13h

We are always open to suggestions for games you'd like to see! 

Why not add insult to injury and choose Baldur's Gate 3? Gonna pamper those "special" members after all ...