Twitch streamer Kai Cenat in custody after NYC console giveaway causes chaos at Union Square Park

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a chaotic first-come-first-serve live giveaway event in the middle of NYC Union Square
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Kai, Twitch Streamer, annouces on livestream where and when he is giving away free PS5 consoles to whoever comes first to his fans at NYC.


The chaotic event unfolded amassed a large crowd with no planning of crowd control or warning to public services around NYC Union Square.
The IRL Twitch livestream is still up and available on Twitch, you can still see video clips and the VOD of Kai trying to nagivate away from the crowd of fans that came out to see him.

Video Clip:

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Police confirmed Friday evening that Cenat will be charged with at least two counts of inciting a riot and unlawful assembly, along with a few other charges.

Kai Cenat is a popular Twitch Stream that averages 65k concurrent viewers, ranked 14th in peak viewership on Twitch.
Source: KaiCenat - Twitch statistics and analytics - SullyGnome

runJDrun (one of the Twitch Alienware Hive members) reacts to today's news of Kai's meet and greet giveaway event -