Revenant from Apex Legends is Getting a Redesign

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Revenant is getting a redesign and coming back as Revenant Reborn for Season 18 launching August 8th after being one of the least-picked Legends within the game. According to data from Apex Legends Status, Revenant is currently sitting at an average pick rate of around 2%. This number was much lower previously, but news of his rework undoubtedly got him more attention recently. Regardless of the slight uptick in interest, Revenant has never been a very popular legend. Players did once fear the simulacrum (a robot based on a human being) when they encountered him on the battlefield, but the threat was quickly overshadowed by Legends with more useful kits and better movement abilities. To combat this, developers have given him a new kit that they hope will win him more popularity with players. 

Revenant’s new kit includes:

Assassin’s Instinct (Passive): He retains his faster movement and wall-climb ability from his original passive, but now has more horizontal movement, and sticks to walls more from a fall. He can also see nearby enemies that are low on health, and if he gets them low himself, he’ll mark them for his squad. “We wanted to use this passive as a way to encourage Revenant players to be more aggressive,” Funnell said during the preview.

Shadow Pounce (Tactical): Revenant performs a powerful leap forward that you can charge up to go even further.

Forged Shadows (Ultimate): Revenant creates a shroud of shadow around himself that protects him from direct damage. It increases his upper body hitbox size but absorbs damage before eventually breaking. The shroud, however, recharges over time and forms a new shroud—and if you knock out a player while ult-ing you’ll get a brand-new shroud, as well.

Now, without further adieu, here’s the recently posted gameplay trailer for the upcoming season, Resurrection:

The concept of an angry, vengeful robot made from the mind of the “greatest hitman the Mercenary Syndicate ever had” whose preserved human head is somewhere out there keeping him alive for eternity when he just wants to die is bad enough. Now you’re going to let that thing climb, nay, scuttle up walls and pounce!? Absolutely sensational. Sign me up. The developers have stated that their goal was to make his redesign as scary as possible and with that predatory forward hunch, the fantastic voice acting, the slight uncanny valley they certainly nailed it. 

 This arbiter of terror will be available to everyone during Resurrection and if you complete enough challenges with him, you’ll get access to him permanently. 


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I always liked Revenant as character but not his abilities so I'm definitely liking this change.


I'm not a fan of his new look, but hey, I have one of the best skins for him, so, by the way