Battlefield 2042 Returns to Class System

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When Battlefield 2042 first launched, game reception was rocky as players faced broken graphics, bugged maps, and confused gameplay. This came as a disappointment to DICE, as Battlefield V had been met with accolades and Battlefield 2042 was met with asks for refunds. As a result of that launch, Battlefield V experienced a resurgence of players, but at the cost of Battlefield 2042 being battered with an exodus of players and negative reviews from critics and players alike. DICE acknowledged the issues at hand, and in August 2022 the team began releasing updates and patches designed to bring Battlefield 2042 to the caliber of its predecessor games. This latest update, Update 3.2, is one of the most awaited as it will massively revise gameplay.

One of the chief complaints among longtime players was the transition from the Class system to a set of unique Specialists. The 'traditional' Battlefield Class system had four loose archetypes (Assault, Medic, Support, Recon) with a locked loadout and predictable gameplay. This system made it easier to assess team comp for your group and to evaluate foes you faced on the battlefield. Specialists, however, can have flexible weapon load-outs and were designed to infuse more personality (consider each Specialist a 'hero' with unique taglines and looks) and gameplay diversity into the meta. The Specialists were trashed on the first encounter by players, and after fixes that included dialing down their dialogue, DICE is reaching equilibrium with their player base. 

The latest update improves the "readability of encounters" (being able to quickly appraise what someone can do and what gear they're packing) and "improve[s] the sense of role" for players (helps make group making and coordination easier). While it looks like DICE isn't scrapping Specialists altogether, they are creating a hybrid solution between the Class and Specialist systems. Specialists will still be around, but they will be lumped into a Class and have Class-specific Gadgets and equipment. (For example, the much-loved and much-loathed Rocket Launcher Gadget will be exclusive to Engineers now.) With this new merger of Specialists with a specific Class, some Specialists like Irish will have major reworks to fit the new system. (Irish is transitioning from more of an Engineer-type to a Support Class.) Additionally, everyone will have a Class icon above them, allowing for more transparency of who you're up against in battle. Classes will also get specific weapon proficiencies to help encourage players to use weapons that best support their Class role. 

The new Weapon proficiencies are:

  • Assault + Assault Rifles: 3 Extra Magazines
  • Engineer + LMG: Improved Dispersion while Crouched or Prone
  • Recon + Sniper Rifles: Immediate, constant, and steady scope
  • Support + SMG: Faster Draw Time

Update 3.2 will be rolling out "later this month," so expect a late January/early February launch if you're looking to get back into the battle. You can read the full DICE Dev Notes blog to see further details. Do you think this latest update will bring back wary players from the fold? This wouldn't be the first time that a studio has won back players' time and respect by working hard to maintain and update their games to a respectable caliber. 

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The Pilot

I want try this update but my cpu usage is really high 90-100% (just in selection page not only in game from previous update) and  gpu is under 40%...and  many people waiting they fix this before...really sad indecision




Have not played since initial release.. sounds like its improved, somehow.