Embers Adrift Game Key Code Giveaway

Ignite your adventure and follow the drifting embers into the mysterious and untamed north!

We're giving away full-game copies of Embers Adrift in limited batches throughout the entire month of January!

These drops will occur at random throughout the month, with updates going live via the Arena notification system.

Users receive:

x1 Embers Adrift - Digital Game Key (One per user.)

About Embers Adrift

The new "Old-School" inspired MMORPG, Embers Adrift, is a journey through vast landscapes and deep dungeons. It's a quest for discovery in a land once inhabited and now deserted. Can you uncover the secrets of Ember? Can you survive the harsh lands north of the Old Wall? Group up with other drifters to experience classic challenging content. Face the dangers of Embers Adrift with old friends or new ones you make along the way! Inspired by Tabletop Gaming and Classic MMORPG Adventures. No Mini Maps. No Hand Holding.

Learn more about Embers Adrift at the official game website!