Mythic Frost Trials: Whirlwind Boots + Demo Giveaway

Will you become Mythic?

Exclusive to those that download Mythic Frost Trials from Alienware Arena, the Whirlwind Boots unleash the power of the wind, with 100% bonus movement speed to hasten your success in the Frost Trials.

If you enjoy playing the demo we recommend you wishlist the full game Mythic on Steam for more updates!

What players will receive

  • x1 Whirlwind Boots (Armor)
  • x1 Beta Key

About Mythic

In an ancient world divided and ruled by the gods, the Frost Trials have begun. In this cross-platform, massively multiplayer party game you are invited to navigate the treacherous frost fields to secure the mysterious keystones - all in the name of Science. Will you make a name for yourself in the annals of time or will you fade into obscurity?